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Welcome to OuterSpanish -- Learn Spanish free and online!

Thousands of people want to learn Spanish each and every day for a number of reasons ranging from wanting to live abroad in a Spanish-speaking country or for career reasons, or simply just to travel, teach or merely to learn a new culture. Whatever the reason you seek to learn Spanish, OuterSpanish is here to help you learn Spanish.

Learn Spanish Grammar - It's Important!

The main focus of this free online learn Spanish resources is Spanish grammar. You must learn Spanish grammar - the building blocks to reading, writing, speaking and understanding Spanish. The key is to start with one Spanish grammar lesson and feel comfortable with your understanding of it before moving on to the next Spanish grammar lesson, as each progressive lesson will incorporate the Spanish grammar you previously learned.

Speak Spanish, Don't Be Afraid!

To learn Spanish grammar alone is not enough. You have to practice speaking Spanish! You'll make errors and you may even feel stupid when you do. You simply have to get over the fear of making errors and throw yourself out there. If you allow yourself to take chances while you learn Spanish, you won't be as shy, and consequently, you'll practice speaking more Spanish, making more errors and learning from your errors. It's almost a one step back, two steps forward concept. Check out Mixxer, a free site to find native Spanish speakers to do a language exchange.

Listen to Native Spanish Speakers!

The other key development when you learn Spanish is Spanish listening comprehension. The best way to do this is to become comfortable listening to native Spanish speakers. But Spanish grammar plays a big part in this, also. As your Spanish grammar skills improve, so will your ability to understand native Spanish speakers. Also check out Yabla Spanish (LoMás TV)! If you're looking for learn Spanish podcasts, check out SpanishPod.

Looking for a learn Spanish tutor?

If you're looking for a Spanish instructor or tutor, check out Craigslist or try a free lesson from NuLengua, where you can find your own Spanish tutor for as little as $9 per hour. And if you have children or you're looking to teach a toddler Spanish, check out Little PIM.


Recent Learn Spanish Language Headlines
About.com Spanish Language
Q.E.P.D., Gabriel García Márquez

Gabriel García Márquez, Nobel laureate in literature from Colombia best known as the author of Cien años de soledad, died Thursday. Here are some articles and features in Spanish and English from the About.com network with more about him:

What Are Auxiliary Verbs?
Verbs that don't stand alone, ones that need another verb to function, are known as auxiliary verbs. For example, the he in "he hablado" is an example of an auxiliary verb. Haber, a verb whose forms include the he in the sentence above, is the most common auxiliary verb in Spanish.
RAE To Publish New Edition of Its Spanish Dictionary

The Royal Spanish Academy (la Real Academia Española) will publish the 23rd edition of its authoritative dictionary in October, the RAE announced today.

Known as the DRAE or the Diccionario de la Real Academia Española, the dictionary will fill 2,400 7-by-10-inch pages published in a single volume. A two-volume set also will be published for the Americas.

In its announcement, the RAE said the dictionary will have around 200,000 definitions, about 19,000 of them Americanisms.

The Spanish newspaper El País reported that among the changes coming in the new dictionary are the elimination of some sexist definitions, such as giving "weak" as a definition of "feminine" but "virile" as a definition of "masculine."

Among the new words in the dictionary will be many that have come from English, including dron (drone), precuela (prequel), cameo (cameo appearance), jonrón (home run) and serendipia (serendipitous event).

Presenting Presentar
How many words can you think of that would translate the verb presentar? No surprise, "present" is one of them (in other words, presentar isn't a false friend). But our lesson on using presentar also gives nearly a dozen more.
Don't Pass on Pasar

Like the corresponding verb in English, "to pass," the Spanish verb pasar can be used in a variety of ways, usually to refer to some sort of motion in space or time. See our lesson on pasar for examples.