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To learn Spanish, it is important to learn Spanish vocabulary. One of the best ways to improve your Spanish vocabulary is by reading, reading, and reading Spanish books and literature. There are also a number of very useful Spanish grammar books such as The Ultimate Spanish Review & Practice and Advanced Spanish Grammar to really gain a strong foundation in Spanish grammar. Then there is Practice Makes Perfect: Complete Spanish Grammar, which offers great practice for beginner and intermediate Spanish students. Finally, a must have: 501 Spanish Verbs. Conjugating Spanish verbs is fundamental to speaking Spanish, so you want to have this book as a handy reference!

You also want to get your hands on a good Spanish dictionary. In terms of literature, to get your feet wet and learn Spanish, you can try one of the Spanish reader books, which slowly, but progressively introduce you to more vocabulary, however, while taking you through interesting stories. The key with these types of books are the amount of repetition you get without even knowing it.

There are also parallel translation books -- basically short stories written in Spanish on one page and translated in English on the opposite page. These are great because you don't have to constantly refer back to your Spanish dictionary.

Other affordable Learn Spanish study aids includes products include Synergy Spanish, which offers a Free Test Drive, and Learn Spanish Like Crazy, which offers 3 Free Lessons. Doesn't hurt to take advantage of the free trial lessons to see if the products are a good fit for you. 

Rocket Spanish has become increasingly popular over the years. We think it's a great product to learn Spanish when used in conjunction with other methods -- like reading Spanish books on your own, listening to Spanish radio, watching Spanish movies, etc. We like it better than Rosetta Stone Spanish mainly because, relatively, it is so much more affordable! If you're not ready to leap in and purchase Rocket Spanish, then definitely at least try out their Free 6-Day Spanish Course and see what you think.



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