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Learn Spanish: Plural Nouns & Adjectives

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Formation of Plural nouns and adjectives


Learn Spanish: Forming Spanish Plural Nouns and Adjectives

In this learn Spanish grammar lesson, the focus is on making Spanish nouns and adjectives plurarl. In Spanish, to form a plural of a noun or an adjective, add s to a noun or adjective ending in a vowel.

Amiga + s = amigas Romantica + s = románticas
Amigo + s = amigos Romantico + s = románticos

Add es to a noun or adjective ending in a consonant

universidad + es = universidades liberal + es = liberals

In Spanish, to form the feminine form of nouns/adjectives ending in or/dor add an a.

doctor doctor + a = doctora
trabajador  trabajodor + a = trabajadora

Adjective agreement

In Spanish, the article, noun and adjective all must be in agreement.

La profesora trabajadora (article, noun and adjective are feminine and singular)
Las profesoras trabajadoras (feminine and plural)
El libro rojo (article, noun and adjective masculine and singular)
Los libros rojos (masculine and plural)