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Learn Spanish: Hay

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Hay - There is/There are


Learn Spanish: The Spanish Verb Haber (Hay) To Say There is/There are

In this learn Spanish grammar lesson, we go over the Spanish verb Haber, specifically its conjugated form: Hay (the present tense conjugation of the verb Haber), which indicates the existence of a person or things. In other words, "Hay" means both "there is" and "there are."

In Spanish Hay (the present tense conjugation of the verb Haber) indicates the existence of a person or things.

It is used with one item or several without changing its form.

Hay = there is / there are.

Hay un niño.
There is a boy.
Hay tres computadoras.
There are three computers.

To answer a question just use the same form of the verb. It will never change.

¿Hay muchos estudiantes en la universidad? Are there many students in the university?
Sí, hay muchos estudiantes en la universidad.

Yes, there are many students in the university.