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Learn Spanish: Estar

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The verb Estar (to be)


Learn Spanish: Conjugating The Spanish Verb Estar (to be)

In this learn Spanish grammar lesson, we go over the Spanish verb Estar, which also means to be, similar to the Spanish verb Ser. However, in Spanish, the verb Estar has specific purposes different than the verb Ser.

Present tense conjugation:

yo estoy I am
estás You are
usted está You are
él/ella está He/She is
nosotros estamos We are
vosotros estaís You are
ustedes están You are
ellos/ellas están They are

To indicate location

Whenever estar is used with the preposition en it indicates the location of people or objects.

Estoy en mi casa I am in my house.
¿Estás en tu dormitorio? Are you in your room?
Estamos en la biblioteca. We are in the library.

To indicate a mental or physical temporary condition

When we say temporary condition, we mean one in which the person is experiencing in a specific moment.

Ellos están cansados. They are tired.
Yo estoy nervioso. I am nervous.