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Learn Spanish: Volver a + infinitive

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Volver a + infinitive (to do something again)


Learn Spanish: The Spanish Verb Acabar (to end)

This learn Spanish grammar lesson is about the Spanish verb Volver, which means to return, as in returning home, not returning a book (this would be the Spanish verb devolver). In Spanish, there are many valuable expressions that can be formed when combining two verbs. When this happens, you conjugate the first verb and you leave the second verb in its infinitive form. One such useful expression is volver + a + infinitive. Note that the preposition a is always used. The translation becomes to do something "again."

For example:

Vuelvo a mirar la película .
I am watching the movie again.

Pedro vuelve a leer la revista.
Pedro reads the magazine again.

Nosotros volvemos a pelear.
We are fighting again.

¿Vuelves a tomar el examen?
Are you taking the exam again?

Don't forget that volver is a stem-changing verb. The "o" in the present tense becomes "ue" except in nosotros and vosotros.


Note: There Other ways to express "doing something again."

  • otra vez
  • de nuevo
  • nuevamente

¿Me llamas otra vez?
Are you calling me again?

Estoy comiendo postre de nuevo.
I am eating dessert again.

Perdí mi reloj nuevamente.
I lost my watch again.