Learn Spanish Products – Software, CDs and Books

Learn Spanish Products – Software, CDs and Books to help you Learn Spanish!

Rocket Spanish
 – With Rocket Spanish, you are going to learn Spanish rapidlyeffectively, and easily. You are going to be able to speak at a restaurant, at an airport, with new friends… in basically every situation you can think of! You’re not just going to learn to speak Spanish. If you want to learn more grammar or vocabulary, I also have a program for you. Rocket Spanish includes more than three hundred pages of grammar for beginning and advanced students. It also includes interactive games to make things more fun and easy to follow.Try the free six-day course. If you don’t, you’ll be missing a valuable opportunity to see if Rocket Spanish is right for you.

Pimsleur – Pimsleur offers four different Spanish learning programs: 1) Quick and Simple, where you get a quick grasp of Spanish with the first 8 lessons from the Comprehensive Level I program. 2) The Basic program, where you can try the first 10 lessons from the Comprehensive Level I program and discover how it will work for you. 3) The Compact program, a stand-alone 10-lesson Spanish program. 4) The Conversational program, where you can learn how to converse in Spanish when you complete the first 16 lessons from the Comprehensive Level I program. 5) The Comprehensive program, which offers 30 lessons of measurable spoken-Spanish proficiency with a performance guarantee. Available in Levels I, II, & III.

Yabla Spanish (LoMás TV)
 — an online video magazine for Spanish learners who wish to improve their language skills. Authentic Spanish videos include television programs, music videos, interviews, documentaries, travel and more. Select from a large library of videos, most running about two or three minutes in length, and be transported to a world of real people from all over the Hispanophone world – Spain, Central America, South America – speaking Spanish in their own unique, unedited voices. 
Yabla’s videos cover a wide range of topics: You get authentic TV dramas, documentaries about social issues, profiles of beautiful travel destinations such as Ibiza and Madrid, “man on the street” interviews, and, best of all, lots of music videos. These are the sorts of videos that would be fun to watch in English – in Spanish they are fun as well, but also eye-opening and effortlessly instructive.