Rockport Shoes: A brief history of the brand

Rockport shoes must be doing something right if we look at the numbers. First of all, the famous shoe brand has been in the business for more than 45 years now, so that shows success, a quality product, great customer service and designers who effectively understand trends and markets.

In addition, Rockport shoes are sold in more than 60 countries circling the globe, so demand is there for mass appeal.

Why Rockport Shoes is so successful?

The footwear brand understands that people need more than just sneakers and dress shoes, and Rockport has been able to create multiple options for those occasions in between. That translates into a well-engineered shoe that features comfort and walkability.

Men and women today lead very busy lives and are often on foot to get where they need to be. Rockport’s marketing concept zeroes in on the 25 to 50 age group of the well-educated male and female professional. These people live in big city areas or want to pursue an urban lifestyle. Find Rockport shoes at

For example, when it comes to women’s Rockport shoes, the brand offers four occasion shoes that fall into the categories of dress, dress casual, casual and active. The shoes are available in size 6 to 10.

The right path followed by Rockport Shoes

The Cobb Hill Hattie Envelope is a gorgeous shoe that is one of the label’s dress casual items. A stacked heel of 2 1/2 inches, burnished leather and an open toe are just a few features of this elegant shoe. It’s ideal for work and also for play; it’s simply versatile and right on-trend.

When your feet are looking to slip into casual footwear, Rockport shoes has plenty to choose from. Their Ayva Twin Gore Slip-On is a lovely athleisure trainer that is made with amazing comfort and ease of movement. The shoe is constructed of a lightweight, vegan leather with a durable EVA outsole. It also features a removable Ortholite (by O2 Partners) footbed for exquisite cushioning.

Choosing between all the Rockport shoes

Men also have lots of footwear options with cheap Rockport shoes and can select from styles like the brand’s classic slip-ons and loafers, sandals, boat shoes, wingtips, oxfords, sneakers, walking shoes and boots.

The Rockport shoes company also features a wonderful blog at their shopping website. It keeps customers up-to-date on new inventory coming in, what the fashion runways are saying for the seasons and ideas on how to create a winning wardrobe with the proper Rockport shoes. Yes, Rockport also sells accessories like socks, insoles, wallets, belts and slippers.

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